Monday, January 18, 2010

One week left

Time has FLOWN by. I am completely done with high school in America now! I finished all of my exams a few days ago and have off until I leave. I have even said my first goodbyes: I got to visit my brothers over the weekend who are both at college. My first stop was FSU where my 22 year old brother, Teddy, goes. I had an AWESOME 2 days there. We went to a basketball game, went out to eat, and best of all, went to an urban crowd surfing party (and yes it is as crazy as it sounds, I crowd surfed three times and was "the kid thats going New Zealand, wheres that again?"). I said goodbye to Teddy as he was pretty much asleep so it wasnt exactly emotional or anything but it was a great way to spend my last days with until I'm back in 6 months. Then it was off to UF to visit my other 19 year old brother, Peter. It was for all of 2 hours! I was supposed to be spending the night but I was also supposed to be driving friends back earlier that day and they would not stay another day at UF as a change a plans happened to have us stay an extra day at FSU. It was nice though, we went out to eat and hung out in his dorm. We said goodbye just as brothers say goodbye if one might be leaving for a couple of days, but his girlfriend, who I am pretty tight, with did shed some tears. All in all, I had a freakin awesome second to last weekend in the states.

To think about the future is weird now because things will never again be truly the same once I get on that plane to LAX. Once I leave my parents that have had kids in their house for 30 years, no kids will ever live there anymore. I am the 
youngest in the family and I am a senior that is leaving for the second semester of his senior year, once I get back, its off to college. It is really the ending of an era for me as being a real kid and living at home, and for my parents never to have kids that live with them. And this is all going to happen in just a 7 days. Its very sad to think about but things are always changing and I know everything is going to be great and my parents are going to be fine.  I am very greatly looking forward to this amazing adventure and I am thankful that I am lucky enough to participate, life really could not be better right now. Now all I have to do is decide the rest of my life while I am gone: What college I'll be going to (right now I have FSU, CU, Colorado College, and waiting to hear from USC and UF), do I want to run in college, do I join a frat, what will I major in, and these all depend on the col
lege I decide to go to.

 Now all I got to do is learn how to play rugby 
so I dont make a fool out of myself when I arrive

My brothers and I: We are very close. I also have a sister who I am very close with that lives in Ohio but I do not have a picture of her on my computer right now

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