Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Countdown: 20 days

Well the days are coming down still very fast. I only have to finish this week of school and next when we have our first semester exams. For some strange reason my school decided that we should have our semester exams after Christmas break where everyone will surely not study and forget every singly thing they have done all year. And this is the first year they are doing it too. If it was how it was last year I would have been done with school three weeks ago. But I can't really complain because I get to be with my friends at school and what would I have done with myself almost a month while everyone was in school, AND I still get about 10 days off school before my departure January 26. 

Christmas was great here. I got pretty much a whole new wardrobe because I am going to a place that gets VERY cold and I also needed new clothes for my college experience when I get back. New Years was spent in Ohio with my cousins and my sister so I could see them for the last time in 6 months. Went to a fun OSU party, hung out, ate some Skyline, ran around in the snow, ate a sandwich consisting of chicken tenders french fries mozzarella sticks cheese onion rings and "high sauce" (it was called The Fat Bitch), and watched the best show ever made, Jersey Shore. O I also received a Jersey Shore t-shirt from my brother, it was one of my favorite gifts.

Today pretty much consisted of me waking up at 6:20 missing first period of school so I could run a track work out. It was 28 degrees outside which is INSANE for Florida. I cannot reiterate that enough, it was INSANELY cold. Everyone at my club was wearing full running winter outfits which I don't own. One guy had ear warmers and the full ski mask with only eyes and nose cut out. All I had were my shorty shorts and a t-shirt.  When I was in Ohio I did not run at all because of the snow so I don't think I was ready for this one. I puked before I even finished the workout (I did finish it though) and my hands hurt so much from the cold I could not untie my shoes. I have not puke from running in four years, so it was actually kind of embarrassing. Also, I know a lot of people have the perception that all runner are all small skinny weak kids, but my running partner for the track workout could not be a better example of the opposite. He is a personal trainer and freakin huge and very hard to keep up with at long distances. Sorry I just got to say that cause I get some crap for distance running being a weak sport, even though now I think I have gotten more people that know me see it differently. 

The rest of the day was spent at school trying to sell our senior calendar, not an easy task at all. No seniors really want them except for the parents which never hear about the calendar from their son or daughter, so my plan of attack was to go after the teachers. I made three sales, and I still have 11 more. If I don't sell them I have to buy them. Anyway, back to the selling. So going to each teachers door in the middle of their class is not fun. Some get pissed, some flat out just deny it, but sometimes you get lucky. I had this one teacher in his room by himself not even look at me when I asked him.

And the day was rounded off with me making a facebook status about 20 days until I leave. It does not seem real to me at all right now. Sometimes I am like wow 5 months isnt long at all, but then I am like WOW 5 months is SO frick a lickin long! Anyways I am pumped even though I dont even really know what I am pumped for besides it is New Zealand. I am going to have a life there that I cant even imagine what it is going to be like now: the friends I make, my new family, my school, my new running club, the stuff I'll do, my accent might change, the way people view me, etc etc etc. Is New Zealand anything like Flight of the Conchords tells me it is? 

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