Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BIG update

Wow I have left myself to a massive update but I will do the best I can to get it all in.

-Joined underwater hockey team
-came in second at southland cross country champs in Te Anau
-got lost during Southland championships orienteering course and came in last by over an hour
-Went night swimming at Oreti beach in 30 F degree weather, -1 degree Celsius 
-Did our three nights of the production Kiss Me Kate
-Went to the ball
-Went to the even better After-Ball
-My american mate came to visit and we 
-explored the takatimu mountain range with some other friends
-took a bus tour to Milford Sound (Iconic NZ destination)
- saw seals
-Nearly Shat ourselves bungee jumping in Queenstown off highest bungee in NZ, The Nevis.  it was 400ft high right into a valley.
-Took a jet boat ride through shot over river
- Drove to Mount Cook with host family (Highest mountain in NZ seeming to be in the middle of nowhere when in reality only 1 hour away from a town) 
- Drove down the east coast of NZ from Mount Cook to see the Moeraki Boulders
-Arrived in Dunedin
-Ran up the Steepest street in the world (Baldwin Street)
-took pictures at a church that is famous to me because it appeared in one of my favorite TV shows called Drive Thru
- All Blacks test match against Wales at the historical last game at the famous Carisbrook stadium
- went into Gardies (pub) with my host dad for its historical last night in business. It was a huge institution in Dunedin
-Saw people playing nude rugby on the news with nothing blurred out. shows what you can put on NZ news and US news.
-And finally, I gave a speech to my whole school today on what its like to be an exchange student. I also thank the school for being so welcoming and told them I would be coming back to visit very soon.

What I can say right at this moment is that I have been in NZ for 5 months now and it is my life. It is not just a place that I feel at home but it is a place where I lived for a portion on my life, had a family, friends, school, sports teams, clubs, productions, Shakespeare?, great times, a few bad times,  and AMAZING memories. I have dreams about NZ and my kiwi friends and family in them. It is definitely a part of me and it will be very hard to leave. That is not to say, though, that I dont want to go back to the US, because I am very excited to go back and see everyone, I miss them so much. Anyways it will be hard to leave and I think will almost feel like a divorce I guess. I mean I can always come back to NZ but itll never be the same as it was when I was here. I wont be able to be the son of my host family, I wont be going to high school and hanging out with my friends everyday, my friends will all be at different universities, I wont be on the sports teams, and well, its just wont be the same. But I know I will always be welcomed back here and I do love this place a lot, so I am sure New Zealand has not seen the last of Trenor Wilkins.

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