Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh bugger

my new zealand dictionary---------
conversation= yarn
crappy conversation= shit yarn or sharn
awesome etc= sweet as
ae= what? or right?
moldy= maori
mackers= mcdonalds
bush= wilderness
tramp= long hike
college= high school
pissed= drunk
uni= university
bugger= i think is used in replacing something like damn it
suss= figure out
reckon= think
heaps= loads or lots
paddock= field
kiwi= new zealander
kiwi fruit= kiwi
american mustard= our regular mustard
chilly bin= cooler
bin= trash can
rubbish= trash
lou= toilet
biscuits= cookies
lollies= candy
knackered= tired
dunnies= toilets i think also
and there is way more where that came from but thats just off the top of my head

I have had a busy and awesome week! I went camping with my host family and 4 other families to Naseby and then went on a year 13 retreat to borland lodge. 

Naseby- With a population of only 100 permanent residents in central Otago, the small town is a mecca for the olympic sport curling and a great place to have a family camping trip. We went swimming and jumped off cliffs at the Blue Lakes, one of the most beautiful little lakes I have ever seen. We also stayed at these really cool cabins in the middle of the camp grounds. There i learned how to play touch rugby with all the kids and adjusted myself more to the kiwi culture. we listened to music, drank, (supervised of course) and as always had amazing food. the next day we woke up early and went for a 20 km mountain bike ride through the hills of naseby and saw some scenery that was sweet as. we then went for the craziest drive i have ever been on in my life. we 4-wheel-drove up a mountain on the bumbiest large rock and gravel road that was on the edge of the mountain face. we arrived at a place at the top that looked very barrent but had some crazy sand features blown about it. or maybe they were man made i dont really know. we climbed all around there and then had a picnic in a paddock full of sheep at the bottom of the mountain. wow wow wow thats all i can say about that. later that night was another awesome dinner but filled with competition. there was a family quiz off where each family asked five questions each without answering their own question and whoever got the most right won. i think we came in 3rd but it was heaps of fun. then there was a fear factor where the kids going from youngest to oldest had to choose a mystery shot and a food item. food items ranged from chocolate to a full kiwi fruit to a cracker with wasabi and peppers on it. the shots were coke alcohol or water. it was quite fun and then the kids got back at the adults by making our own mystery shots for them. they consisted of hard alcohol, milk, salt, water, strawberry grenedine, and i think maybe oil. the adults even played along and drank them.

then the next day came where we went to an indoor curling rink and got to play with everyone. it was so much fun and way better than i think anyone expected. but i had to leave early with my host parents to be back in time in invercargill for my year 13 leadership retreat. the only thing was that it was 3 hours away and i was not even able to stop back at the house for anything and was just dropped off at school to leave.

it was so awkward at first getting on the bus with 100 kids i did not know but this camp was by far the most important thing i have done here so far even if it wasnt the most fun ( it was really fun tho), however i am about to go to sleep cause i just got back from that retreat and i am exhausted so ill write about it in my next post.

the pics are of house and my first day of school because i forgot to post them and the others are of the camping trip to naseby.

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